Monday, October 27, 2014

Fit Pregnancy Workout #3 and FALL!

I am feeling great still- thank you God, really, I know it's not a given. I'm 23 weeks and I feel so close to this little one inside my belly. I call him by name now, hopefully we will share soon. I pray for him often and I just have such a strong desire to keep him safe in there, to keep him growing big & strong, and to tell him lots of little things about his dad (who travels all the time).

I still have energy to get up early and workout so I do, 5 days a week at about 6:30am. Here is my #3 workout (written when I was 13 weeks) but one I still do today. I basically rotate through these workouts and add a new one each week of my pregnancy to change it up and keep my muscles conditioned. I do 3 days of strength training a week and 2 cardio only days.

This past weekend J was home and we had a fun day enjoying fall things, although the weather here is not quiet "fall feeling" at 80+ degrees. I ate way too many candy apples and eating them (for the record) is only half as fun as making them. And here is also my 22 week progress pic- sweet little babe is growing and I LOVE IT!

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