Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Maternity Pics and Pregnancy Workout #9 & #10...

It's been a month since my last post. Where has the time gone? Well, the holiday rush orders (for Jean & Grace) and then the holidays themselves just seemed to swallow up most of my month. It was a good month though. I spent lots of time with friends and family and J was home for an entire two weeks! Yippee!
On top of all that goodness, month 8 of my pregnancy was fantastic!! 
-My back pain has lessened 
-I had an ultrasound to check on my placenta previa and (praise God) my placenta moved!!
-Baby has lots of hair! (I got to see a sweet view during the ultrasound)
-Oh and I got to eat a ton of goodies over the holidays and this baby belly hid it all for me :)

I am experiencing a few new pregnancy "symptoms" as I grow..
-Indigestion! It doesn't matter what I eat, even a sip of water sends my digestive tract in a tiff
-Constipation. No one wants to talk about it, but it happens. I find amping up my fiber intake has helped quite a bit (of course that means drinking more h2o to compensate) 
-It's hard to get out of bed. I officially feel like a turtle on its back.

It's been a fast journey so far, not a moment has gone by slow and I am afraid maybe this is a little foreshadowing for parenting. I always hear people say "they grow up so fast" and even though this baby is still in me, I am already beginning to relate to some of those emotions.
I probably will regret saying this in a week or two, but for journaling purposes, at week 33, I can honestly say I love being pregnant. Love. There is something deep inside my heart that has been touched by this entire experience. And at the end of the day I might not like the stretch marks on my boobs, the inability to carry really heavy stuff, the rollover maneuver I have to make to get out of bed, or the baby foot jabs that hurt my ribs, but despite all of that I love this feeling of growing my son inside me. I love watching him move about in there. I love dreaming of the little baby he'll be, the littler toddler I'll chase around the house, the boy my husband will workout with, the teenager we will teach to drive and the man I'll one day have to let go of. I promise myself to do what I can to embrace all the moments of his life, to not let time slip by too quickly and to often think back to where it all began.

Workouts below (still for second trimester):

On a side note mine J's maternity pics came in and I couldn't be happier! Minted Photography is the best <3

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