Monday, November 3, 2014

Asheville + Fit Pregnancy Workout #4

The 24 week mark has arrived and I must say....I feel huge. I can't imagine this baby growing for another 16 weeks, but I suppose many other women have thought this before. I think part of it is that my stomach just shot out over the weekend. Seriously, it probably doubled in size. Part of the growth was probably normal baby growth spurt stuff and part was definitely due to the massive amounts of amazing food I consumed this past weekend.  J and I took a last minute trip to Asheville to celebrate this little babe growing inside me. We stayed at an amazing Bed & Breakfast and I seriously ate my entire weight in sweets over the weekend. I just could NOT get enough.

Now that I'm back at home, I'm forcing myself back on the program (i.e., no more Halloween candy or donuts). J and I headed straight for the gym when we returned. The nice thing about us both being fitness people is that after two days of not working out (and eating like pigs) we were both craving gym time. Last night I just did an hour on the stair mill, serious cardio was just what this body wanted. This morning we headed back to the gym for a more serious workout. J wrote me up a great one that I will share soon.

For now, take a peek at workout #4 back from when I was 14 weeks. I still do this one today with modified burpees and push-ups! It's intense and I have to take lots of breaks and drink tons of water.

And for my own documentation, here are pics from my fun & romantic weekend in Asheville. The weather was crazy, it went from beautiful fall to intense snowfall overnight. It was beautiful. A tiny blessing of beauty for J, my sweet babe, and me.

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