Monday, November 24, 2014

Workout #6 & Peanut Butter Protein Bites

Little babe,

You are a mover. It's official- day, night, after meal, during meal, before meal, while I'm sleeping, when I'm working, etc. you are always moving, little babe. It's lovely and special, but sometimes it makes me feel a little nauseous and sometimes it just downright hurts. I watch your little dance every night before I fall asleep, it reminds me that although you might cause slight discomfort, you are in there growing and happy. I am so incredibly grateful for that.

Your daddy has been home for a week- and this is a HUGE blessing. He not only adores you and loves to spend time talking to you, but he also takes over some of the housework and this give my back a much needed break!

Your aunt, Whitney (who you'll call Titty because as a child I could never say "Sissy"- this became our nickname for each other growing up) loves you so already. She has 3 of her own boys and has already walked me through much of "what to except".  She took me to register for all your baby necessities this week and wow was I overwhelmed! SO many types of everything, from burp-cloths to strollers there were options galore.

Don't worry, little one, you'll have everything you need and probably more. 

27 weeks...and I love you already more than I ever thought possible.
xoxo, your mommy

I am still documenting my workouts and hoping to utilize all this documenting through my next pregnancy to A) laugh at myself and B) have a gameplan (I will be grateful to not have to recreate the wheel with a little one at home).

In an effort to get more protein (for the babe) and to keep my energy levels good through some tough workouts, I decided to create my own protein-packed energy bites at home (did I say they were peanut butter flavored?!). I've seen them in specialty stores, but they are expensive and usually have a whey based protein powder (I only use plant based protein powder). Honestly, I was shocked at how easy these were to make and DELICIOUS! Even my nephews loved them! They kept requesting more "peanut butter balls"!

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