I’m a pretty simple girl living in Charleston, South Carolina. I feel blessed to call this beautiful city home. I love to write, which is the single most important reason I have this blog. I find writing therapeutic and relaxing…even when I have nothing much to say. I don’t care if one person or no people read this little blog of mine…..don’t get me wrong, I feel honored if you’re here reading this, but the blog is as much for me as it is for you.

I own a small business with my sister called Jean & Grace Designs, this is what I do for a living. Sadly my lackluster writing skills haven’t found a way to put any cash in my pocket. I love a lot of things in life, but the topics you might find most frequent in my posts are:
-Family I love 'em all and wish we were all in one city and had big family dinners just like the cast of Parenthood.
-Fitness I love to workout, A LOT. My husband and I moved to Charleston to open up a gym and my husband is also a mega fitness freak and this I adore about him.
-Cook & Craft I like cooking & crafting, but I’m no Martha Stewart so don’t except amazing DIYs here. I'm more of the "Hey- awesome DIY - I will Pin that and do it someday." And by someday, I mean never, because when I find the free time to DIY I'll end up re-surfing Pinterest for more ideas that I'll never make.
-Travel There is no greater feeling that being in a totally new place and having your senses heightened as you absorb all that surrounds you. France is by far my favorite country. And I also find the French incredibly kind and welcoming, I realize it's a rare thing for an American to say.
-Faith My faith is my legacy. Not the act of believing, but what I do with it, where it leads me, what I am able to learn as I walk and who I am able to share it with along the way.

I can’t imagine there is much else to tell you. I am sure that you’ll learn more as I post more, which I promise to
you myself to do.

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