Sunday, October 5, 2014

Why I am here.

Original post from Sept. 30, 2013>
Dear my sweet, sweet Mommy,

I pray you are near and are able to see what the good Lord has called me to do, for you have inspired me to follow His lead. Never in a million years would I have thought serving children would be in my future, but when I think of you and how much of your life was made up of loving children, I realize it is perfectly sensible. You were an incredibly gifted teacher, the best mom your daughters could ask for, and you loved two boys that came into our life later as if they were your very own. You took every chance in life to love and embrace children.  I remember you were once completely taken back by a story about 3 orphan brothers in the newspaper, you seriously discussed with the family adopting all of them, I think you even called the local government to see how everything might logistically work. I smile at that memory now…. It’s truly no surprise that I am here in Africa serving and adoring all these beautiful young faces with their big ear to ear smiles.

I hope you hear my message though you are in an unreachable and seemingly far away place.  I want you to know, among the millions of things I learned from you, one of the most valuable was learning to have an open heart to love others, and today those “others” are the little ones. I am following in your footsteps with a big open heart (just like you taught me), and I can’t help but fall in love with all of these children. Their little feet and tiny toes, their big belly laughs, and imaginations that have no limit, their innocent souls, and their joy for all the little things in life.

I thank you for inspiring me for I am forever grateful for this trip. It will change the trajectory of my life, in fact it already has.

I also need to thank your beautiful mom, my Nanny! Her lifelong heart and dedication to serve others is truly incredible. When I was younger I didn’t quite grasp the volunteer work she did for the RedCross, but now that I am older I am able to truly appreciate the work she did, the time she gave, the people she helped and most importantly those she inspired along the way, like me. Thank you, Nanny, for your heart to serve…and also thank you for raising an amazing daughter who became the best mother.

I have a grateful heart today for these two special women in my life who touched my heart and helped lead me to where I am today, on this life-changing African journey.

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