Thursday, October 9, 2014


You must not know me well enough if you don't understand why I followed my title with crazy, but don't worry, I promise to share details at some point, and then we'll be SUPER close. 
On Friday, June 27th, 2014, I found out I was pregnant. A friend at the gym actually prompted me to get a pregnancy test when she flat out asked, "Your boobs are huge, are you pregnant?".  I almost dropped the barbell right in the middle of a squat. Me..haha...pregnant? I had all the signs, I have no idea why I didn't think of it as a possible option myself. 
Fast-forward to today, and I'm 20 weeks pregnant with a precious baby boy. I want to be careful when I say this, because I have friends & family who have struggled to conceive and I don't want to seem insensitive, but I also want to be honest. I did not come to the point of calling this child "precious" overnight. I had a hard time adjusting to being pregnant, and it wasn't the morning sickness, the weight gain or the mood was me selfishly, just not ready to be pregnant. I wasn't ready to give up sushi, wine, insane workouts, sleeping on my back, or licking yummy cake batter off a spoon. I realize now how silly this all sounds, but it's the truth.  Even at my first ultrasound, seeing my little blob of a baby did not make me weep tears of joy or make my heart flutter. I realized seeing that little blob that I actually was pregnant and that this road, whether I was ready or not, was one I was going down.
So you get the point, I had a lot of attitude adjusting to do. And I did. And finally, at my 15 week OB appointment, I had an unplanned ultrasound and I got to see my sweet baby (who actually looked like a baby) move and he looked right into the monitor and waved. It was a huge moment for me. I cried. I realized for the first time that the wiggling baby inside me was mine. He is my child, Justin and I's creation and I am his mother, now and forever. I could not be more honored and blessed.
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