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Why Uganda, Africa?

Original post from Sept. 11, 2013>
Almost two years ago, a very dear friend of mine was telling me this incredible story about a man she met at the hospital (she’s a Physician Assistant). This man, Jeff, told her an amazing story about how he was going to adopt a boy from a Ugandan Orphanage. He had heard about the orphanage through friends & family and felt called to action, so he sponsored a few kids there. Eventually the calling felt stronger and Jeff & his wife knew they wanted and needed to adopted a child from the orphanage….so they left their biological children here in the US and went to Africa to find their soon-to-be adopted child. No doubt this was a hard process, how could they ever pick just one lucky child. Well, something truly divine happened on their trip….when Jeff was touring the living quarters, he saw a pair of shoes and said “Oh, my son has those.” (speaking about his son here in the US). The orphanage pastor looked the man straight in the eye and said, “Yes, he does.” That very boy, who had those shoes at the orphanage, is now their son.

When my friend told me this story I had goosebumps….what an incredible story! That story stayed on my heart, so later I asked my friend for details on the orphanage, but she couldn’t remember. I thought it was lost forever, but as fate would have it….Justin and I went to meet friends (Mark & Debbie) for a concert just a few weeks later and our friends began telling us about how they had just sponsored a few kids at this incredible Ugandan orphanage, Hands of Love. I knew it was the same orphanage as they began to tell the adoption story, my heart leaped and just a few short weeks later Justin and I began to sponsor three beautiful boys. Meet Sula, Muzaifah and Shafic (photos below). Precious, aren’t they? Over the past two years, we have written each other letters, sent photos back and forth, and even, on some occasions, sent gifts. I cannot tell you how much our lives have been blessed by these boys. And not just by them, but also this unbelievable orphanage and the people that work so hard to make a difference. This orphanage sees Uganda with a bright future. They see these children with a successful road ahead of them. They see light in a place of deep darkness. A place where human sacrifice, violence towards women, and cannibalism still exists today. It takes my breath away, literally, every time I think about these children getting so much love in a place that has such darkness.

My “dear friend” (from the beginning of the story) went to serve the orphanage in August of 2012. As a PA she had a lot of offer. Her and a group of nurses and doctors set-up a clinic to serve the women and children of Uganda. She met our three boys and her kids too…..she was so deeply touched by her experience. It truly changed her heart forever. So that’s why we chose Uganda and the Hands of Love orphanages, because God put this in front of us….He set our hearts on fire for these beautiful Ugandan children and He will change us forever with this one incredibly journey.
Follow us, as we go. I can’t promise to write everyday, but I will write as often as I can.

with love...

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