Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Searching for a one-day home...

Original Post from Nov. 2013>
As much as Justin and I love being here, there and everywhere, we really do want to settle down and buy our dream home. I call it that, our dream home, and I call it that not because it will be a big, extravagant, high-end home, but because it will be the house we’ve dreamed of….sounds of little giggles, whispered lullabies, post-tantrum sniffles, loud football game cheers, family laughter, early morning baking, dogs barking and so many more beautiful family sounds. That’s the house we dream of; one where we can raise our family.
For those of you that know me, I should start off by saying… I am not pregnant!! Scouts honor. Just had to clear that right up.
As we think about the house we want, I’ve come up with this list of wants (some of these things are more or less just words/ideas to keep me in-check when looking):
-More than one bathroom : )
-Outdoor living space
-Cottage charm
-Not too big (Note to self: you’ll have to clean it)
-Walking distance to anything (seriously, I don’t care what it is, I know this will keep me sane when mommy-life gets crazy)
-No carpet (this is totally selfish, but I want things that clean up easily, like really, really easily)
The two hard decisions for me (and Justin), which are unfortunately the most important things, are where to live and exactly how many bedrooms we think we’ll need. And let me tell you folks, without those two decisions made, looking for a home right now is like driving without directions….aimless and pretty pointless.

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