Friday, October 17, 2014

Little Babe + Pregnancy Workout #2

Dearest little babe,

I'm pretty sure that upon your arrival I will no longer have the energy to keep up this blog, OR perhaps it will be just the thing that keeps me sane and feeling somewhat normal amidst the "newborn fog", which by the way someone at the pool told me she had just come out of after 5 months --- 5 MONTHS!! I was thinking more like a 6 week fog. I must consult my sister on this. She is a mom of three boys and just a few short months ago they were all 3yrs and under. Isn't that crazy?! Crazy, but fun! If anyone should write a blog it should be her, but as you might imagine she has her hands quiet full.

Anyway, sweet boy, you don't care about all that. You want to hear the good things. Things like you looked perfect and beautiful in your 20 week ultrasound. You weigh 12oz. I have no idea how they know that, but the doctors told me you did. You move ALL the time. I began to feel your little movements around 17 weeks, from the outside. Before that, I'm sure you were in there moving but for all I knew it was gas bubbles or my stomach upset at what I had for dinner. I am attempting to teach you french, and by you I mean me (too).  I feel like I need to be more dedicated if I say I am teaching my son. We plan to take you to France shortly after you're born, you will love it just like your dad and I do.

And for those of you that came for the workout, voilĂ , see below! This workout is a back & arm focused workout, for those of you that don't know me well, I truly believe in weight/resistance training for woman. Building lean muscle helps to increase our resting metabolism, so we will burn more fat throughout the day.  And during pregnancy, it has even more benefits, such as increasing our stamina during labor, increased energy during pregnancy, decreased back and leg cramping during pregnancy and quicker recovery post pregnancy (umm hello, that last one alone is worth it). Muscles that are constantly used tend to heal faster because of increased blood circulation and better cellular response to trauma/the breaking and building of muscle. 

*As always, run your workout plan by your OB before attempting.

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